Michigan 12-year-old with flu-like symptoms dies days after vomiting at dinner

CLAY TOWNSHIP, Mich. – “I’m a mom. I’m supposed to protect my kids, and I couldn’t,” Jessica Decent-Doll tells WJBK. The Michigan mother says she has been left with a sense of guilt after her 12-year-old son Michael died last week just days after coming down with flu-like symptoms.

Decent-Doll tells the Times Herald that Michael vomited during dinner Jan. 9. She took him to urgent care the next day when his symptoms didn’t go away.

Decent-Doll says Michael—who had gotten the flu vaccine in December—tested negative for flu, had normal vitals, and was prescribed an anti-nausea medication at urgent care. “The doctor said to keep an eye on him and keep giving him fluids,” she says.

But last Thursday morning, Decent-Doll was confronted with a parent’s nightmare when she went to wake up Michael. “When I came into his room he was on the floor. His eyes were open and he was looking at me,” she tells WJBK. “The only way I can describe the way he looked is he looked like a fish out of water. A fish trying to breathe.”

Michael’s father performed CPR while emergency workers were en route, but Michael died a short time later at the hospital. His family is waiting on an official cause of death, but the flu has already killed 20 kids this flu season—with an estimated three months left, WZZM reports.

The Type A flu virus currently going around is more harmful for children because it’s tougher on the immune system. That’s something Decent-Doll knows all too well. “This flu or whatever is going around this year is unbelievably dangerous,” she tells the Times Herald.

A fundraiser has been created to help pay for the funeral costs.

This article originally appeared on Newser: 12-Year-Old Vomited at Dinner. He Was Dead 2 Days Later

(This 21-year-old thought rest would take care of the flu; he died.)

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  • Common Cents

    Proof that the flu vaccine does nothing to protect you against this year’s flu. Don’t poison yourself with that junk.

  • Jrenny

    What a terribly sad time for this family who, it sounds like, did all of the right things. I’m not sure I understand this report however, as Influenza does not cause vomiting. The flu is a respiratory illness.

      • Pj

        I’m so sorry for this tragic loss. the flu epidemic is bad. I also can’t help but wonder if this could have been DKA from undiagnosed/untreated type one diabetes. Regardless it is a tragedy and my prayers are with the family.

      • Pj

        I wondered that as well. Symptoms of type one diabetes and the potentially fatal DKA are often mistaken for flu. Only a simple blood glucose test would be required to rule out type one diabetes. Sadly many hospitals and Physicians overlook this very increasingly common autoimmune disease as a possible cause and it goes undiagnosed and untreated and can lead to death. My heart breaks for this family. That said, the flu epidemic is terrible and regardless this is such a devastating loss. :(