DACA support rally held in Grand Rapids ahead of potential government shutdown

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- People gathered in Calder Plaza Friday to show their support for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

The group included Dreamers, people directly affected by the program, who say they're going to continue to make sure their voices are heard until Congress comes up with permanent legislation for DACA.

Danny Caracheo, a Dreamer who attended the the rally, is also an active volunteer with the West Michigan Coalition for Immigration Reform.

"I’d be losing everything, I’m a Michigander at heart," Caracheo said. "I love going to the beach at the Great Lakes and everything, so I would be losing everything I have. I just got hired as a legal assistant two weeks ago, I’m on a full tuition scholarship at Davenport University. I have my entire life here and I don’t want to lose it. I have all my friends, everyone here."

His situation is similar to Keyla and Jorge Garcia, two other Dreamers who attended Friday's rally.   The two spent their first few years of marriage unsure of their future.

"Are we going to be out of our jobs? We own a home in Wyoming so are we going to lose that home? Are we going to be able to continue our educations and further our careers? Our whole life is here, so it’s just devastating," Keyla said.

The three of them say they're going to continue to fight for the DREAM Act, which allows 800,000 immigrant youth to live, work and study in America without fear of deportation.

"Now is the time to fight for this, to push for this," Caracheo said.

There's no word on if there's going to be permanent legislation for the DREAM Act, but the program will be shut down in March if legislators can't come up with a plan to keep it.

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  • Commonsense

    “Dreamers”, lets put a sweet little name on something that needs to stop. It’s past time that people enter this country the legal way, that includes every member of every family. This does not include giving away the ranch. This country cannot adequately take care of it’s own, let alone all others.

  • Bud

    Danny Caracheo – who is not legally in this country – has a full college tuition scholarship. Most likely a scholarship that was intended for the American high school graduate who is currently working at a minimum wage job because they had the grades but couldn’t afford the college tuition.

    We had this discussion in 1986. Democrats LIED THEN and they are LYING NOW. They want NOTHING to do with securing the border. Democrats need the influx of uneducated voters. Think about this:
    Democrats say they are the champions of the poor, the working class and minorities.
    Yet they do not hesitate to welcome Millions of Illegal Aliens that take American jobs and depress wages.
    These same people will receive more in federal assistance than will ever pay in taxes.
    We have more people living in poverty today than we did in 1986.
    Not ONE democrat voted to reduce the federal taxes of the American workers.
    Not One democrat voted to make American companies more competitive in the world market.