January is Mentoring Month; How you can change a child’s life at DABSJ Mentoring Services

January is National Mentoring Month, and the 25th is National Thank Your Mentor Day, and D.A. Blodgett St. Johns has a wonderful program to provide kids with the mentors they need.

DABSJ offers a variety of mentoring opportunities in the hopes that they can support those who need it most. These programs help youth ages 10 to 20 and young moms up to age 25. Mentors have the ability to make a lasting difference in the lives of children, young mothersĀ and families

Currently DABSJ has over 150 youth and young moms waiting for mentors. DABSJ is always welcoming new mentors to change the lives of children and young motheres in West Michigan, but mentors must be at least 18 years old and graduated high school to qualify.

To learn more about becoming a mentor, call (616)-451-2021.

Can't wait? There's a special event coming up! Bowl for Kids is taking place at AMF Eastbrook Lanes March 9 and 10. There are open lane times on Friday at 5:45 and 8:30, and Saturday at 12 p.m.

To register for a lane, visit dabsj.org.


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