West Michigan soldier surprises parents after time overseas

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Sgt. Ethan Larson is finally back home after nearly a year overseas.  For his big homecoming, he and his wife decided to make it extra special.

Sgt. Larson is in in the Michigan Army National Guard and has been maintaining and fixing helicopters in Iraq and Kuwait, but now he's back home for good.

"It was good to get home and be with my wife and spend some time in our new house," Larson said.

To celebrate, his wife Kait decided to give Ethan's parents a surprise they'd never forget.  The hardest part was keeping it a secret, especially from Ethan's mom.

"I didn't pick up phone calls," Kait said. "I was like 'I'll text you,' because I just can't lie to save my life."

Ethan surprised his dad Richard first, going to his dad's office at Gilson Graphics.  Then he went to Potter's House Christian School in Grand Rapids, where his mom Joy is a preschool teacher.

"We've just been waiting for him to come home, and we're just thanking the Lord he's home safely," Joy said.

Ethan says he's very proud to have served, but also very much looking forward to being a civilian and returning to his regular job.

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1 Comment

  • Common Cents

    People should look down on order followers. They forego morality to do whatever someone “higher in rank” tells them to do so they can earn a pay check. Thanks news media for convincing people that these order followers somehow deserve respect for being absolute cowards that would rather make money than do the right thing.