Kalamazoo doctor detained by I.C.E. to appear before a judge next week

CALHOUN COUNTY, Mich. — Dr. Lukasz Niec will remain behind bars for a little longer than expected. He's lodged at Calhoun County jail and was scheduled for a bond hearing in Detroit Friday morning. However, the immigration judge adjourned it to next Wednesday.

“He’s not doing well,” said Dr. Niec’s attorney Russell Abrutyn about his client. “He’s separated from his family. He separated from his patients, from his colleagues at the hospital.”

Abrutyn said the bond was rescheduled to give the judge and ICE more time to review the documents in his case. He’s currently being held without a bond and next week’s hearing will be to see if the judge will set one for him. If so, Niec be reunited with his family. For now he remains in jail.

“In Michigan ICE doesn’t have its own detention facility,” said Abrutyn. “So he’s in a county jail. And he’s in with normal criminals who are awaiting trial, who’ve been sentenced, who’ve been accused of crimes.”

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  • Immigration Officer

    “Relatives told FOX 17 that one of those crimes was expunged.” Under Immigration Law only a PARDON from a US President or Governor will remove the record. Expunged or set-aside clauses, are still considered convictions.

  • mkk

    This case is the ICE scum and Trump propaganda. This Polish !!! Like in Germany. That he has damaged the Landlord bike and kept stolen German property. Interesting that he has Doctor of Medicine degree at the same time. As far as I know universities are screening fro criminal record. He will probably work in German factory in Poland with MD under Professor Kaczynski for free. Polish people born in Poland and left after one day to US will pray to Soviets if they want to come back after Princeton.