A snowy weekend ahead for West Michigan

WEST MICHIGAN – West Michigan will see heavier snow showers this afternoon and evening following a brief break after light morning snow showers. Bitter cold air is in place to stay through the weekend making temperatures feel a good 10 degrees colder than what actual temperatures work towards. Breezy conditions can be felt with more snow showers working in staying north to start before blanketing all over West Michigan late this evening.

A Winter Weather Advisory continues until Sunday at 9am.  Highest snow totals will be seen northwest of Grand Rapids.


Overall from Saturday to Sunday we can expect a general 3-6 inches of snowfall with the most falling mainly north and northwest. Anyone in our northwest communities will see the heaviest snowfall and could even reach totals behind 6 inches working towards 6-9 inches of total snowfall.

Sunday is expected to have a brief break before more snow works in north. Light to moderate snow showers will work mostly north of I-96 for much of the day. The snow will continue to move through and work down to blanket all of West Michigan by Saturday evening and continue into Sunday.

Sunday morning folks can see slick and slippery roadways and will need to take extra time traveling to any early morning services. Light to heavy burst of snow will continue to blanket West Michigan into the early afternoon hours on Sunday. Winds will turn to work out of the north developing a lake effect band that can push inland throughout the afternoon and evening and possibly dumping another quick inch or two of snowfall.

West Michigan will see snowfall in our forecast once again Late Monday throughout the overnight hours into the early hours of Tuesday before getting a quiet and cold break. Temperatures remain in the 20s for afternoon highs and teens and single digits for overnight lows. Our next chance for snowfall begin Thursday overnight into Friday. Stay prepared for the snow and bundle up!

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