Upset bowling alley owner changes theme of Super Bowl event

COLOMA, Mich. (AP) — An Army veteran who always turns the Super Bowl into a bowling party in a small Michigan town is changing the theme this year as his own protest against the NFL’s protesting players.

Ray Steadmon owns Coloma Lanes in Coloma in southwestern Michigan. He’s encouraging bowlers who sign up for his Stars and Stripes tournament to wear patriotic clothes instead of their favorite NFL shirts. Teams will have names such as Seals, Paratroopers and Rangers.

Steadmon tells the Kalamazoo Gazette that he’s a “huge NFL football fan,” but he’s upset over players who didn’t stand during the national anthem. Steadmon doesn’t mind protests. But the 60-year-old draws a line at the anthem.

He’s been holding Super Bowl bowling parties for about 30 years. Dan Gulliver, a regular participant, says he supports Steadmon and “whatever he comes up with.”
Information from: Kalamazoo Gazette,

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    • Clucko

      I’ve watched every Super Bowl without fail every year. This year will be the first one I’ll miss and not the last unless the NFL Commissioner is either gone or changes his views.

        • Clucko

          No. Speaking for myself, I’m just sick and tired of watching parts of our country go to hell for the last forty or fifty years, and seeing a group of black players who make millions “protesting” the lack of opportunities for blacks in America today. Say what you will, but it’s glaring example of arrogant hypocrisy on display.