Norton Shores Boy Scout recognized at state capitol

LANSING, Mich. —  The honors keep coming for a Norton Shores boy who sold more than $57,000 worth of popcorn in 2017 for the Boy Scouts.

Last month, Mason Schlafe, 11, received national recognition from Trail Ends popcorn for his hard work, selling popcorn door-to-door and outside stores.

On Wednesday, he got to meet Governor Rick Snyder. State Representative Holly Hughes welcomed Schlafer to the state capitol in Lansing, where he was lauded as the number one popcorn salesman in the country.  He also broke the Boy Scouts of America’s national sales record.

“It is amazing to see someone so young take initiative to benefit his community,” said Rep. Hughes said in a news release. “It is my honor to bring him to Lansing, and to recognize him for the amazing work that he has done.”

Hughes made a legislative tribute to Schlafer on the House floor in recognition of his hard work. She let the boy sit with her during a hearing in the House Committee on Tourism & Outdoor Recreation.

During the legislative session, Hughes introduced Schlafer’s parents, Matt and Michele, sister Mya, and Robert Silvernail of the Boy Scouts of America Council during the session.

“My favorite part is watching him grow as a young man,” said Mason’s dad, Matt Schlafer, recently told FOX 17. “He went from being a kid that didn’t want to help around the house or didn’t want to study to a kid that now takes incentive when he sees things that need to be done.”

Matt Schlafer said 73 percent of every purchase stays locally. He said Mason’s troop received $20,000 which set aside a good portion for Mason’s scout account so he can buy equipment, uniforms, or go to camp. Mason is using some of his money for for boys who can’t afford to go to camp, as well as buy tents for his troop.

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