Suspect in standoff, domestic-violence threats waives preliminary exams

File photo

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. —  An Olive Township man got into a standoff with police in Ottawa County last month. On Wednesday, Ryan Charles Dime waived his preliminary exams in District Court related to that incident, and another incident the night before.

Police say Dime is the 31-year-old suspect they pulled over January 19 on 120th Avenue, near Polk Street in Olive Township.  But the investigation actually had begun the night before, after calls were made to police about Dime allegedly making threats over a child-custody issue at his home. Sheriff’s detectives and tactical officers stopped his vehicle the following day, January 19, and that’s when the standoff began. They say it ended peacefully 30 minutes later, when Dime surrendered. Inside his car they allegedly found several weapons – but no firearms.

Later, Dime was booked on various felony charges, including ‘Making Threats of Terrorism’ and being an Habitual Offender. He had a prior felony record. Dime was scheduled for preliminary examinations in District Court on Wednesday (February 7). But the District Court tells FOX 17 that Dime waived the exams, and an Ottawa County Circuit Court clerk says the next action for him will be a pre-trial conference with the county Prosecutor’s Office at an as-yet-unscheduled date. If a plea deal isn’t worked out, Dime will stand trial on the following tentative dates:

  • June 5:   9 a.m. jury trial in Ottawa County Circuit Judge Karen Miedema’s courtroom, on a terrorism charge; Habitual Offender-fourth offense.
  • June 19: 9 a.m. in Judge Miedema’s court on charges of Convicted Felon Having a Dangerous Weapon; Habitual Offender-fourth offense.
  • July 10:   9 a.m. in Judge Miedema’s court on charges of having a Dangerous Weapon, Resisting & Obstructing, Habitual Offender-fourth offense.

If convicted, the terrorism rap could bring Dime up to life in prison, because of the added four-time Habitual Offender charge.


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