The Original Tin Cup: Michigan-made cup gives whiskey enhanced flavor

Over 150 years ago, hard-working Americans drank their whiskey from a tin cup. Now a local business aims to bring back that heritage by taking that original design to a whole new level with The Original Tin Cup.

The Original Tin Cup is a stainless steel cup designed to enhance the taste of whiskeys, bourbons, and dark rum.

Everything about this product is Mitten Made; from the metal to the cardboard packaging, everything is made West Michigan.

Back in December 2017,  owner Nate Blury launched a Kickstarter campaign to make his product a reality. In just two weeks, it became one of the top 100 projects of the year on KickStarter.

Nate's company has seen much more success in the past year than a great KickStarter. The Original Tin Cup Company has launched the "Born In Grand Rapids" movement promoting other West Michigan products, and created a special trademarked drink called "The Mitten Mule."

To order The Original Tin Cup or Tiny Tin, visit

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