Three people arrested after reports of shots fired in Kalamazoo

KALAMAZOO, Mich. —  Three people are facing multiple charges after they led police on a chase following reports of shots fired, police say.

Around 3:15 p.m. Wednesday, officers responded to the area of Ada Street and Woodbury Street on a report of people shooting at each other. When crews arrived on scene, nobody was there.  However, one officer remained in the area and observed the area from a  distance. Investigators say around 4 o’clock, the officer saw someone in a white van fire several shots.

Officers tried to stop the vehicle, but the driver took off. The pursuit ended off Poplar Place, where one person got out of the vehicle and tried to ditch a handgun in a nearby dumpster. a second person also tried to run from the vehicle, while the third one stayed inside.

The suspects, a 30-year-old male, 25-year-old male and 19-year-old female were all taken into custody.  Police say they’re all residents of Kalamazoo.

No assault victims were found following the reports of shots fired.

Anyone with further information is asked to call  Kalamazoo Public Safety at 269-337-8994 or Silent Observer 269-343-2100.



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