UFO’s in West Michigan? Maybe.

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In 2017, there were 169 UFO sightings reported directly to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the world's oldest and largest UFO phenomenon investigative body. 

 FOX 17 dug into the data, examining hundreds of local reports while getting a good look at viewer submitted videos of possible UFOs flying over the skies. This, after a former Pentagon official revealed a government program allegedly researching UFO's for years

In December of 2017, the world learned that the Pentagon spent $22 million on a program called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, according to Luis Elizondo, who led the Pentagon effort. Elizondo told The New York Times he resigned from the Department of Defense in October in protest what he called excessive secrecy surrounding the program and internal opposition to it after funding for the effort ended in 2012. The footage below was released by Elizondo following his resignation.

Footage shows an encounter between U.S. fighter jets and “anomalous aerial vehicles.” 

However, you don't have to go far to find first-hand accounts of extraterrestrial encounters. Of 151 reports of UFOs documented worldwide by MUFON in 2018, six were reported in Michigan.

MUFON was founded in 1969 to investigate the growing UFO phenomenon through a team of investigators and researchers. The Michigan MUFON chapter meets five times a year outside of Flint, where like-minded people come together and share their personal stories about what they've seen in the sky.

"People are seeing things they can't understand on a regular basis," said MUFON state director Bill Konkolesky. "When people can come together and talk face-to-face about what they've seen and what their theories are on everything, that's real."

Konkolesky says the organization is big into investigating the UFO phenomenon based on evidence.  Michigan has three "licensed investigators" who collect data and keep it organized and open to the public. You can even track UFO sightings worldwide in real time here.  However, Konkolesky admits that 97% of the time, a sighting is not a UFO.

"We had 410 sightings a few years ago, and that was the year when Chinese lanterns were all the rage," Konkolesky said. Other identified sightings are drone or some sort of meteorological event like the recent Bolide/meteor sighted across the state in January. The other 3% remains unknown.

 The UFO Center, operated out of Washington state by Peter Davenport, also takes reports of UFOs on a daily basis. Davenport says people should do their own research before making up their minds about whether or not they "believe" that UFOs exist.

"I think it’s important that people see things with their own eyes before they believe them or accept them," Davenport said. "Biblical scholars, for example, should be included in the UFO debate and research process, because they might have some input that would be significant." 

The UFO Reporting Center has received more than 150 cases in 2018. That number is rising every day. Davenport believes it's because people are starting to "believe what they're seeing."

Here are a number of historically-head scratching cases that have happened in Michigan:

1) 1975, Konkolesky says there was a large UFO sighting over Wurtsmith Air Force Base in Iosco County, Michigan.

2.) March 8th, 1994: hundreds of witnesses reported seeing flickering lights resembling a string of Christmas lights or a group of airplanes flying close together near Holland. Below are 911 calls and testimony from the National Weather Service, (MUFON).

3) March, 1966:  hundreds of Michigan residents saw colorful, strange lights across the sky. Konkolesky said the US Air Force came out to investigate but claimed that residents were seeing no more than swamp or marsh gas.

"So I like to joke that Michigan is not only the Great Lakes State, but we’re also the swamp gas state," Konkolesky said. "Michigan has a rich history when it comes to UFO sightings."

It's important to note there has not been an actual sighting of a UFO confirmed by any governing agency. UFO enthusiasts encourage the general public to do their own research before coming to any conclusion.

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  • Kat Lani

    Awesome reporting guys! About time we took UFOs seriously, and after the Phoenix lights its OBVIOUS there are unexplained UFO s about. Thank you for the captivating report! 💘

  • Star gazer

    Watch grand haven waterfront. Over the past year I have observed many cases of orange orbs flying high speeds on and off lakeshore. High altitudes in groups of threes and even in a V formation. You have to really observe because they travel so fast and are faint in color. Almost the color of hot iron. 11pm to 3am has never been a disapointment.

  • Brian

    Actually, the Rendalsham Forest incident in 1980 was officially acknowledged by “the government” in a memo from the deputy base commander, who was also a witness to the UFO event. There were 704 cases in the Project Bluebook files that were “unexplained” and the British MOD realeased a huge treasure trove of files as well. Governments around the world acknowledge UFOs by several different names (UAP, AAT, etc) and the official documents are out there stating as much. Even President Truman said as much in a press conference after the 1952 Washington DC overflights on 2 consecutively weekends.

    The Proof is Out There.

  • OlderbutHopeful

    FACT: The German military had electrogravitic craft at the end of WW2. FACT: The US conquered gravity in October of 1954. Think about it…………..all those years and we still make fun of and ridicule those who have had experiences either with ET craft, ET’s, NHI’s (non-human intelligences), or Transdimensional Beings. It is arrogant ignorance to think that we are alone………we have never been alone. Read sworn testimonies from the Disclosure Project and Sirius Project, and Unacknowledged. Many things have been kept from the public due to greed and the desire for more power to manage the entire globe. Read, watch and learn. Other countries are far ahead of the US in their willingness to announce that we are not and have not been alone, for centuries. China has released pictures of structures on the moon…….no photoshopping. There are also pictures of manufactured objects on Mars, but not shared from US probes. The secrecy needs to end, and by releasing the information to the world (which includes obtaining pollution-free energy from the quantum vacuum with a device the size of a coffee table), the entire world will have free energy which will inprove standards of living for all people and eliminate fossil fuel and nuclear pollution.. We need to question why $22 Trillion has “Disappeared” from the Defense budget over the last several years in USAPs (Unacknowledged Special Access Projects), and why we have been deprived of new technology which could improve the lives of everyone in the world. My understanding is the craft that people see in our skies could be US, Russian, German, British, other countries, or not from our planet. The US mastered the art of reverse engineering crashed ET craft long ago, and the technology possessed is truly Star Trek, as indicated by former Lockheed Skunkworks director Ben Rich. Dr. Steven Greer has said the Intergalactic Community wants Earth’s peoples to join them, but before we can, we need to end hatred, greed, militarism, wars, disinformation campaigns, weaponization of space, and managing the planet through love, rather than hatred, killing, greed and war. For those who want to live their lives with a frame around their mind, credible government witnesses have repeatedly said that virtually all intergalactic civilizations they have interacted with believe in a Supreme Creator just like we do. Don’t believe me, but whatever you do…….read, watch, learn, and form your own conclusions. Only when the people unite will governments follow. We owe this to our future generations.

  • John Altyn

    At 3:30 PM Eastern Daylight Savings time, I was outside taking a photograph of the clear blue sky overhead in Croton, MI, and after I took the photo, I noticed a very small object high in the sky. I took one photograph but don’t believe I captured the UFO. It was moving East and its coordinates were 43degrees 27′ 00 N. 85 degrees 38” 55 W. It was moving silently and to the East, at a very high rate of speed, and I went into get my binoculars to get a better look at it. When I returned outside less than a minute later, and I was looking East to find it again, it had now shifted to the Northwest. Thinking it still might be a bird, a hawk was also in the sky very high up but certain NOT at the height of the UFO. It then made a sharp turn North. Then, a jet flying very high in the air flying southwest from the Northeast had a condensation trail behind it and NOT a chemtrail. I could hear the Jet engines, but ever so slightly. This UFO was still moving North without a sound and then just disappeared. This was the first time I had ever seen such a UFO.

  • Dr. Boyd

    linda murphy is indeed a stalker and now she likes to be known as the swamp gas queen – she even created her own IMDb page to promote herself as such, see swamp gas ufo

  • Victor

    loved the article – thanks for writing this and making the subject more accessible to people. side note about the person linda murphy – that names comes up a lot concerning nefarious activities – people should be aware of her past, which when you pay attention is rather creepy

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