Detroit Lions legend pays a visit to GR students

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. --  A group of West Michigan students got a very special visit by a former Detroit Lions player.

Herman Moore visited with C.A. Frost Elementary students Thursday in Grand Rapids.

The visit comes as a reward for the students who've developed healthy eating habits as nearly one in three children in our state are overweight.

This is all part of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan's Building Healthy Communities Program, which helps encourage kids to get out an exercise for at least an hour a day and make healthier eating choices.

"It is important that kids know what they need to put in their bodies, they need to know the importance of taking care of themselves at an early age because it builds great habits," Moore said.

He also didn't miss the chance to speak on the future of the team under their new head coach Matt Patricia.

"With Coach Patricia he is going to bring a lot of experience to the organization in terms of coming from a winning culture," Moore said.

"He is going to be able to pretty much give them a path and direction that they can start to build so they can turn into a long-standing, consistent winning program."

The former Lions player says the program gives children a chance to kick start a healthy lifestyle while they're young.


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