Heavy snow continues through this afternoon

WEST MICHIGAN- Heavy snow developed overnight in West Michigan and has shut down a lot of schools and businesses throughout the area.

Scenes like this one from our parking lot are very similar to what everyone's experiencing.  We've seen upwards of 1" per hour snowfall rates as well!

The silver lining for this storm is that it's going to be out of our area just in time for the evening commute.  As a result, the advisories and warnings are set to expire much earlier than what was expected yesterday.

The back of the snow will work its way into the Grand Rapids area shortly after lunchtime, but it's still going to be snowing fairly hard around I-94.

It will take a few more hours for the snow to end in Kalamazoo, but I think the majority of the commute home along I-94 will be quite a bit easier than the one you drove in to work and experienced.

Snow totals will still come close to a foot, and at this point, I wouldn't be surprised to see a few 15" totals because of how hard it's snowed for so long.

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