GR students to celebrate 100th day of school Monday

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Students at River City Scholars Charter Academy in Grand Rapids will get the chance to celebrate their 100th day of school.

The one hundredth day of school is a pretty big deal for a kindergartner.

"One hundred days smarter!" the kids said, who are just as excited as teachers and staff.

"We see so much growth and so much development," said Tiffany Williams, a Kindergarten teacher.

"They are learning new things every day you can see the learning in their faces and I love to compare from day one to day 100. "

When they reach that milestone Monday the learning multiplies.

"All of our math is built on 10 frames so teaching our children that every number under the sun is built out of a group of 10 so it is 10 plus some more or minus some more. when we get to 100 days of course that is when 10 culminates and the ultimate goal of 100," Schrot said.

"So academically what it helps them to understand is that anything they do in math be it addition, subtraction, multiplication or division they are really taking one set of 10 and breaking it a part or adding on to it," she said.

All while the kindergartners' growth is apparent in their minds its not the only difference that can be seen.

"Even we do pictures of them from day one to day 100 to show the growth that they made, some of them are taller, some of them grow a little wider, some of them their hair is longer so like to show the difference between day one and day 100," Williams said.

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