2 police officers shot to death in Westerville, Ohio

WESTERVILLE, Ohio (FOX NEWS) — Two police officers were killed Saturday while responding to a call in Westerville, Ohio, reports say.

The city of Westerville confirmed on Twitter reports that two of the city’s police officers were killed in “the line of duty.”

The incident occurred around 1 p.m. local time at Crosswind Drive, 10 TV reported

The Westerville Police Department told Fox News the officers were “responding to a 911 hang-up call” when the shooting occurred. They did not confirm how many people were shot or their conditions.

FOX 28 Columbus reported a suspect is in custody. Reports say the suspect was also shot but their condition was not immediately known.

Westerville is where Ohio Gov. John Kasich resides.

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  • Clucko

    And all the “victims” of police being on edge wonder why the cops have a “hair trigger” when they arrive on the scene. This is why.

    • Tim

      Having a “hair trigger” is reckless. Being careful and being reckless are completely opposite behaviors. As threats escalate having a “hair trigger” is a natural human reaction, but human nature is not intelligence at work. If non-cops think cops are a threat, and if cops think non-cops are a threat, tensions increase. The wrong thing to do is for those parties to become irrational and emotional. Please don’t excuse such idiocy for cops and non-cops alike.

      • Clucko

        To me, hair trigger means wound up, knowing that they might be walking onto an ambush. There’s quite a bit of that going on these days. For them to not be ready to act at the slightest hint of danger is foolish and sometimes deadly. Save your psychological analysis as common sense dictates how they might react.

  • web weather channel

    Sad…always sad when a law enforcement officer is hurt/killed in the line of duty. Maybe I missed it but the article didn’t state what might have happened to the perp in this instance. Hopefully he met his fate and if not, maybe he’ll meet it when in custody while trying to escape. The Death Penalty should ALWAYS be applied when a law enforcement officer is killed.//

  • brickmen

    The bad guy got the jump on the police ,as much as cops are train not to make mistakes ,a mistake was made ,now the killer has a sad story, put him in jail throw away the key.