The snowy weekend continues in West Michigan

WEST MICHIGAN – West Michigan will have occasional snow for the first half of the day gaining about an inch or so of additional snowfall. Snow showers will move out to southeast Michigan by the early afternoon. Temperatures remain below average with highs in the 20s.

Overall on Saturday we can see 1-2 inches of snowfall adding to our already existing totals.  Sunday we will have anywhere from 1-4 inches of even more snow starting with a coating to an inch of fresh snow by daybreak Sunday. Minor travel impacts forecast for Saturday, but more moderate travel impacts expected for Sunday.

Sunday we are expected to wake up with a fresh coating of snow by daybreak and continue to see light to moderate snow showers throughout the day. In fact, a Winter Weather Advisory has been issued from 1 AM through 3 PM Sunday. (This advisory actually expires at 1 PM for counties along the Indiana state line.)

This round of snowfall will have more moderate impacts even giving some burst of heavy snowfall with whiteout conditions. Sunday evening snow showers will start to break up and West Michigan will begin to dry out.

West Michigan will take a break from the snow at the beginning of this week as high pressure moves in. Temperatures will rebound working back into the 30s and even pushing 40 degrees by the middle and late week. Some sunshine and a calm week ahead expected for West Michigan.

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