Dad goes to the Super Bowl in son’s honor

HUDSONVILLE, Mich. – In 2016, Tommy Ruddy was diagnosed with DIPG, a rare form of brain cancer only 300 children fall ill with worldwide each year.

Throughout his treatment, Tommy remained – like his Mom and Dad – a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan. He even kept in contact with players like Jordan Matthews while in the hospital, and members of the team would regularly come visit Tommy and sign memorabilia for DIPG fundraisers.

And of course, Tommy was in front of the TV with his family every game day.

Last year, Tommy lost his battle and passed away. When the Eagles advanced to the Super Bowl and eventual first franchise Super Bowl championship, Tommy’s dad was there. He and Tommy’s mom Amanda continue to fight for DIPG funding.

Watch the video above to hear more about their journey. And to connect with their cause, visit the Team Tommy Facebook page. You can find upcoming events, and information about donating.

And for information on the Chad Tough Foundation, another organization working to fight DIPG from inside the Mitten, click here. ​

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