Many excited to see ice sculpture event in downtown Grand Rapids

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- The snow and cold did not keep everyone indoors over the weekend. A lot of them headed to downtown Grand Rapids to check out sculptures made out of ice.

It was the fifth year for the event, and several people in attendance shared what they were excited to see this weekend.

“I think it is really cool they built these just for the public so everybody can see them and how great they are," said Teegan Kettler of East Grand Rapids.

Her parents and twin sister were shocked at how good the sculptures were. There were more than 50 of them on display around downtown Grand Rapids.

"I really like the designs and it’s really creative looking," said McKenna Kettler. "It’s fun to look at.”

The event called, Valent-ICE, was a part of the World Ice Festival, a way for people to take advantage of the cold weather and help make Grand Rapids a fun place year-round.

"You hate being cooped up all winter long. Something like, the activities going on in Rose Parks makes it worthwhile living in Michigan," said Art Griffin, of Grandville.

Debbie Griffin agreed. "Just being out where the people are, just walking around, getting some exercise, seeing some fun things," she said.

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