Library reconstruction project hot topic of discussion in Georgetown Township

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GEORGETOWN TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- The differing of opinions was a hot topic with community members in Georgetown Township Monday night over the reconstruction project of a local library.

During public comment, many residents voiced frustration for the project. Some residents say the board is moving forward with it, despite the public voting against it a few years ago.

"I've jokingly referred to it as the Ray Kinsella Library from 'Field of Dreams,' if you build it they will come, is what we`re kind of told," said George Brown of Jenison.

Brown is just one of the  residents  who has spoken out against it. He said the current library was built in 1989, with the idea it could be expanded onto if needed. The current plan has the library being demolished and rebuilt.

There are many people reportedly on social media in favor of the new library and saying the current building is too small and not appealing to them. Many residents are traveling to Grandville to use their library.

Others  voiced opposition for  the $12 million construction, saying the new library is not necessary and the board is not listening to the tax payers.

'I`m bothered by a little bit by the lack of transparency of the funding of it," said Brown. "What we've been told is the board has been saving on it for years and again I have some issues with that considering the fact that the community voted against the construction in the past, but they've decided to utilize the entire savings balance, they`re also depleting the budget stabilization fund or the rainy day fund down to zero in order to pay for this fund in the process."

FOX 17 talked to Richard VanderKlok, the township supervisor, who said the expansion was considered.  He went onto say it wasn't logically or financially viable and that's why the complete reconstruction was decided on.

Despite the large number of people speaking out against it officials say they plan to move forward.

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