Do your windows look like this? Time to replace them with windows from SAHR

Do the windows in your home look like they need to be cleaned, but no matter how hard you try they always look wet, dusty, or foggy? These are signs that a window needs to be replaced, and SAHR Building Supply Company has the resources to help with that.

Todd went to SAHR's Grand Rapids showroom to learn how to tell when it's time to replace a window.

When windows have condensation or fog between the two panes of glass (and can't be cleaned,) that means cold air from the outside of the house is sneaking inside the house through the window.

SAHR wants to make sure you save money on your energy bill, and keep the cold air out of your home. They will find the perfect window to fit the style of your home, and even install it for you. Even if customers can't find the right size or color for their home, SAHR can custom make a window, and even install it for them once it's finished.

However if you do need to replace your windows, they recommend doing it sooner rather than later. Windows take a long time to make and deliver, so customers that order their windows in February will get them installed and replaced just in time for Spring.

SAHR has two West Michigan locations:

  • 3074 Interstate Parkway, Kalamazoo
  • 475 36th St. SE, Grand Rapids

For more information on their products and services, visit

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