Homeless woman helps police locate missing teenager

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- A homeless woman helped police in Grand Rapids find a missing teenager over the weekend.

Caroline Davis said she was alerted by the FOX 17 news app to be on the lookout for 15-year-old Isaiah  Burrows, who was reported missing after he was last seen near his home on February 13.

She first spotted him on Valentine's Day, but said she didn't recognize his face until Saturday.

The teen was boarding a Silverline bus and Davis was able to alert the bus driver.

“I showed her [the driver] your app. I showed her the picture I showed her what was going down,” she said. “I said we can’t let him get away because he’s 15 years old.”

An officer arrived and confirmed he was the one they were looking for.

She worried about his safety and is glad he's off the streets.

"I’m out here sleeping homeless and I know how dangerous it is and if I’m scared I know good and well he was scared," Davis said. “Just stay home and stay safe because these streets are no joke.”

Police say he's in custody on a juvenile-related charge.

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