NAACP to address FH school board on blackface incident

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Members of the NAACP Grand Rapids branch plan to address members of the Forest Hills school board after pictures of a Forest Hills Northern high school student wearing blackface were posted on social media.

Several people posted photos on social media, showing a student in a classroom, wearing blackface, which is makeup that was used to portray racial stereotypes in the 19th Century.

The organization is now encouraging concerned community members to attend the Forest Hills school board meeting at 7 p.m. this Monday, February 19 at   Meadow Brook Elementary, 1450 Forest Hills Avenue SE., Grand Rapids.

While some people on social media claimed the student shouted racial slurs while in blackface, the school says that is not the case. School leaders also say at no point was the student allowed to walk the halls with the makeup on.

Forest Hills Public Schools Superintendent Daniel Behm had previously told FOX 17 the district has zero tolerance for this type of behavior. Behm was unable to disclose whether the student who wore blackface was disciplined due to federal privacy laws.

In a news release, members of the NAACP GR branch say they plan to take action against the board in response to the incident which was condemned by school leaders, students and members of the community.

We reached out to the school board and the principal of Forest Hills Northern High School for comment but have not yet heard back.  In a letter home to parents back when the incident first happened, the principal said:

"Northern High school does not condone or accept when persons’ actions and/or words harm another intentionally or unintentionally.  We talk about Husky Pride, “The Pack”, and UBUNTU.  We cannot simply use these words; we must live them.  We need to respect each other as human beings and our differences of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or any other difference we may have.  While we may not agree with each other all of the time, we can respect each other.  We all need to agree that racism is not acceptable in Forest Hills."  

Flyer from the NAACP

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    • oldentired

      I agree 100% Bob but they cannot make money cleaning up the crime in their own communities… they make money by attacking white people and places… the NAACP is nothing more than a thinly veiled racist group out for money.

  • Sillyoldme

    As usual, this organization is once again lacking in credibility as it refuses to deal with the real problems in society. How about NAACP that you deal with the lack of participation in education, the lack of participation in looking for employment, the obvious lack of family planning,
    the abuse of women and other African Americans by those who are of your same race.
    If you understand this message, life is about making your own way in society and not the use of blame that your Organization continues to use as a smoke screen. How about you take credit for the trouble you are causing and for once, take control and make some positive changes to your membership. Stop pointing the finger.

  • Cooper

    How do we know for sure he was be radically insensitive? So far there’s only been one side to this story loo, and that this kid is a racist. Was he maybe thinking with the black face he was a marine, or a monster just trying to scare people? How could this kid even know about blackface, I would bet they don’t teach it in schools. And lastly, isn’t February black history month? Sounds like maybe the kid is smarter than the school and naacp.

    • oldentired

      The kid did it to get a laugh as class clown. He did not mean it to be racially offensive nor to upset anyone. As always, SOME black students (who have been proven to have lied about the incident already by saying he was using racial slurs) and the NAACP want to turn this incident into a giant symbol of how bad “whitey” is. They have thrown the victim card yet again… always the damn victim card for how bad people we never knew were to people they never met and cannot name in a time we never lived in. Seems about time they start talking how to better themselves and their communities instead of acting like they are, somehow, the poor little victim.

  • J.B.

    Ima offended your’a offended, you offend me, i offend you, we all will be happy with Da great Diversity!
    Ban this!,Ban that! i think we should ban tails on mice wings on bats and ears on cats and little dogs with paper hats. the real world…

    • J.B.

      School shooter in Florida surrounded by hundreds of his peers,teachers staff etc..talked weapons non stop, introduced himself as “school shooter” had at least 2 reports to the FBI about his behavior, police had 39 instances with contact. students afterword said “everyone expected it” “we all all talked about it and called him the school shooter” etc…
      For YEARS!
      Yet, absolutly nothing was done…
      Guess if he had put black face paint on for 5 minutes in a broom closet and had wishpered the “n-Word” once or twice he would have been sent to federal prison immediately and that whole mess would have never happened eh?
      The problem here, are priority’s and perspective..and we obliviously now have neither.

  • Vast Righ tWing Conspiracy

    Q: Why doesn’t the NAACP deal with the real problem of violence on “Colored People” by “Colored People”?

    A: Because there is no money in in.

    • Terry

      I’m sick of the naacp. They need to explain the grossly disproportionate black violence against any and all other races,colors and creeds. THAT is the discussion that needs to be addressed!

  • Terry

    This is nothing more than another instance of bullying by the naacp. I’m tired of blacks crying foul at the SLIGHTEST thing that a White person does.
    Why don’t we address the fact that blacks make up only 13% of the population but commit over 60% of all violent crime? No mention of that from the naacp. Or how about we address the disproportionate black on white,Asian,young or old attacks? Black mob violence is a very real problem in this nation but again,not a peep from the naacp. I’ll be at that meeting tonight and I PRAY I am allowed to speak. This is much ado about NOTHING!