Rain moves in to start the work week in West Michigan

WEST MICHIGAN – West Michigan will have a sun and cloud mix for the day with warmer temperatures as we work toward 40 degrees this afternoon.

West Michigan can expect to see rain showers moving in from south to north on Monday. Outside of a slim chance for light rain showers or even some freezing rain early Monday morning in our southern counties, the main rain showers will not start until the lunch hour on Monday. West Michigan will have breezy conditions and even have the chance to have some thunderstorms with this system.

Rain showers continue into Tuesday and the first part of Wednesday. We will have intervals of heavy rainfall throughout this event and the chance to see some thunderstorms along with gusty winds. Flooding and ice jams become a concern with the triple threat of melting snow, warmer temperatures and rainfall. Fox 17 News will monitor these concerns and keep you updated.

Overall, we expected about 2-3 inches of rainfall in total for this entire event from Monday to Wednesday. Looking only until Tuesday morning we will see about an inch to an inch and a half of rainfall with light to heavy showers move through the area.

West Michigan will take a break from the rain in the middle of the week with partly to mostly sunny skies. Temperatures will fall throughout the day on Wednesday ushering in cooler temperatures for a bit. More precipitation chances arrive next weekend.

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