Officials: Driver intentionally crashed car into Connecticut hospital

MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (AP) — Authorities say a driver intentionally crashed into a Connecticut hospital emergency room with a car that burst into flames.

Middletown Mayor Dan Drew says the driver had multiple gas containers in the vehicle when he crashed through an entrance to Middlesex Hospital Thursday morning. Drew says the man’s motives aren’t known.

Authorities say the driver is a man in his 20s who is known to Middletown police.

A man who lives across from the hospital said he heard what sounded like an explosion and saw a man on fire come running out, screaming for help. The witness, Gary Mills, said responders put the man on a gurney.

Local authorities evacuated homes in the neighborhood where the driver lives and notified federal authorities.

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  • Mac Woods

    Gee, what’s this guy’s name? This could hardly be his first illegal act. Must be a mug shot somewhere. Let’s see it. His “motives aren’t known”………I could speculate, but why bother? Given the heinous nature of this crime, his motives are pretty irrelevant.