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Take Back Your Space: Why it’s more than “just” organizing

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How is this more than 'just' organizing?
-Impacts all areas of your life
-Makes it easier to lose weight and get fit
-It`s therapeutic
- Self -esteem increases
- Communication at home starts to change
- Partnerships are enhanced

Family Dynamic:
You`re made up of indivduals
Mom needs her own space (free from toys)
Dad needs to have a boice in the kid`s belongings
Make sure you have a space for you as a couple
Single? This is your time to make your home what you want it to be

Clothing Tip Options:
Utilize organizers
Drawer and shelf dividers
Organize by length
Organize by color
Sock Buster!

If you would to join the conversation and get motivated to take back YOUR space, RSVP to our Facebook event, here.

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