Girl Scout troops donating cookies to servicemembers

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. -- Boxes and boxes of Girl Scout Cookies made their way to American Legion Post 28 Tuesday.  It's the first step in getting them to a group of servicemembers aboard the USS Alabama, a nuclear submarine.

The cookies were donated  by a group of Grand Haven Girl Scouts from Troop 4831, who say it's the least they can do to send the sailors a little taste of home. Some other troops donated cookies as well, including 3994, 4723, 4061, 4836 and 4941.

"The Girl Scouts are graciously trying to do their part to help veterans and to help people that are in service," said John Bilski, First Vice Commander at American Legion Post 28.

Bilski's grandson, Joseph Schlatter, is a fire technician aboard the USS Alabama.

"This will be really special, and I know my grandson was just ecstatic when he found out that our post was going to be able to supply that to their group," Bilski said.

The donation is part of the Girl Scouts' Hometown Heroes project, where cookies are sold to people locally who then donate the cookies back to the project. In addition to their cookies, the American Legion is also donating 200 boxes on their own dime.

"As long as they're deployed out there, it's super nice to get something from home," said Nicole Goldberg, Troop Leader of Troop 4831.

The Girl Scouts involved in the project also decorated cards and folded flags with a prayer to go along with the treats.

The USS Alabama's crew is based out of Washington state, so the cookies will be delivered to the base, not to the sub.  The American Legion says they'll be receiving the cookies in the next week or two.

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