Morning Buzz: 5 things to know for March 1

1. Grand Valley State University's president is retiring, sort of. After more than a decade on the job, Thomas Haas announced his plans on Wednesday.

Known to many as T-Haas, he talked to students and staff about his decision, saying it was about family. Haas will retire in June 2019, but won't be going too far from campus. He'll return to the school as a chemistry professor.


2. Another Chick-Fil-A restaurant has opened up this morning.

People started lining up at 28th Street and the Beltline in Grand Rapids on Wednesday morning, hoping to secure a spot as one of the first people through the doors. As with all Chick-Fil-A openings, the first 100 people get a year of free meals.

This is the second location to open in the area in recent weeks, with the first being in Holland.


3. Love to spend time on social media? Here's a fun way to win something for Laughfest.

Laughfest is asking people to follow them on social media and tag posts with #YellowUP for competitions and prizes.

Other ways people can get in on the fun are to stake a yellow smile yard sign in their yard or business. The signs are available for free at Laughfest Central beginning March 5 while supplies last.

Stop into Laughfest Central wearing yellow today only, and get a free gift.

Laughfest runs March 8-18.


4. There have been a lot of wacky flavored M&M's over the years, but the latest limited-edition offering might just be the prettiest.

Neapolitan ice cream-flavored M&M's, previously only available in Australia, have made their way to the U.S. The new chocolates, which are now available exclusively at Target, sport the traditional Neapolitan flavors and colors: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

Though the bag contains three different colors, each candy is supposed to taste like all three ice creams swirled together. Plus the shell is super crunchy and the interior is creamier than a traditional M&M.

These multi-colored candies are just the latest in a line of creatively-flavored M&M's. LAst year, Mars came out with caramel-filled M&M's, cookies and cream-flavored M&M's, and even a white chocolate pumpkin pie flavor.


5. People are squealing with excitement for National Pig Day! It's quite surprising how many people have pigs for pets, so we showcased a few on the show.

First, there's Lulu (black) and Petunia (white) who live in Cedar Springs with Bobby and Kelly Wilmoth.

Next, there's 3-year-old Millie, owned by Shelby and Erik Burr. She weighs 120 pounds!

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