Smart Shopper: What to buy and not buy in March

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - As we flip the calendar to March, there are some things that retailers strategically place on sale. While there is a whole list, I've narrowed it down for my smart shoppers.

  • ¬†Exercise Equipment: We're starting to see some glimmer of hope that Mother Nature is starting to get her act together for those of us who really aren't fans of exercising in the cold weather. This means, we'll have more of a tendency to head outside to burn some calories. With that said, the sale of exercise equipment, like ellipticals, treadmills and weights tends to slow down a bit. This week Meijer has buy one, gone one 50 percent off, mix or match, on everything from hand weights to yoga mats.


  • Jewelry and Perfume: As we wave good-bye to February, some are crying because the year is speeding up while others might be left bitter from not getting something nice. Right about now up until Mother's Day, is when jewelry and perfume sales hit a lull, according to I was blown away by some of the savings at Kohl's. Their ad features upwards of 65 and 70 percent off fine jewelry. Take note: some of these discounts are only available online. Speaking of Mother's Day, right now is a great time to put that gift away, so you aren't left in the doghouse twice.


  • Cruises: Being unfamiliar with how cruise vacations work, I had never really paid much attention to the term "Wave Season".¬† As I Googled away, I came across a great site called As they explain it, "Wave Season" is what those in the travel industry refer to as the period between January and March. It's also that lull period in travel, after the holidays and right about the time people have realized winter has dragged on way past its welcome. Most likely those who book, will get extra perks like on-board credits and shore excursions.

So what's best to hold off on buying in March, if you can possibly help it? Many cost-saving sites like recommend holding off on purchasing spring apparel. We get a little antsy once we see floral prints and sandals, but your best deals are yet to come. If you need those items for Spring Break, take not that second hand stores have already switched over, as well. Maybe snag that new bikini, but get other staple pieces later on. Finally, if you are itching to update your home with appliances and furniture, those deals are going to be best closer to Memorial Day. Another great website to help you out with these decisions, is

I love helping you save and look forward to hearing your tricks-of-the-trade. Have any fun ideas to pass along to me, FOX 17 Smart Shopper? Feel free to email me and follow me on Facebook.

You can see Smart Shopper segments every Thursday morning around 7:40 a.m. and also at 5 p.m.


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