Suspect identified in CMU shooting; 2 dead

MT. PLEASANT, Mich. - The suspect in Friday's morning fatal shooting at Central Michigan University has been identified.

James Eric Davis, Jr., 19, has been identified as the suspect in the shooting in Campbell Hall at about 8:30 a.m. Friday.  Police say the shooting was a "domestic situation." The two people killed were not students, staff or faculty at CMU.

Davis is described as being 5'10" tall, about 135 lbs.  He was wearing mustard-colored jeans and a blue sweatshirt, but police believe he may have discarded the sweatshirt.

James Eric Davis, Jr. - from Mt. Pleasant Police

Davis was last seen running from the Towers Complex heading north along some railroad tracks.

Police said in a press conference at 4:00 p.m. that they have not had any sightings of Davis, nor have they received any reports of sightings.  They believe he is in Mt. Pleasant, north of the CMU campus.

Residents of Mt. Pleasant are asked to call 911 if they see Davis. He should not be approached and should be considered armed and dangerous.


WGN-TV in Chicago has confirmed that Davis graduated from Plainfield Central High School near Chicago and that his father is a part-time police officer in the Village of Bellwood, Illinois.

We'll have more details as they become available.

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      this is obviously fake news – shootings in gun free zones are a physical impossibility. And that is science.

    • LiberalGunGuy

      It isn’t a gun free zone. Guns are not permitted, but if nobody knows you have it, nobody can take it from you.

  • Speaks mind

    Where are all the anti gun liberals ? Afraid to say anything this time because the killer is African american ?

  • Sophia

    I was a student at CMU, just graduated in the last few years. One, the campus is designated as a safe space, each hall and building on campus is ATF – alcohol and tobacco free and weapons are not permitted PERiOD – not even pocket knives. Two, being ignorant enough to believe that a place being labelled as something means that people are automatically safe, is ridiculous. Three, just because some people believe that gun laws need to be stricter, does not make them all wallflowers, or weak liberals. Yes, he is black. No, that does not change a damned thing about the need to be sure that guns are better regulated. And lastly, not a single one of you knows what has or has not happened to this child, to the people on campus, or anything of the like, and yet all ar willing to give out platitude and negative comments. How about doing something? Stop putting your head in the sand, or your foot in your mouth, and actually make a difference. I stood by my fellow students, fighting hard to ensure their safety. Did that stop this from happening? Sadly, no. Does that mean we stop trying? Absolutely not. Grow up, stand up, and stop acting like life is happening around you.

    • Augster

      I’m willing to take a hit this time, Sophia. Sarcasm is usually what I use because the mundane pieces of the puzzle usually fall in place so easily. This is different: two good parents were murdered by a young man with two good parents. I’m curious for more and more information. I’m perplexed and saddened about all of this. I’ll keep my hunches to myself in the mean time.

    • Ugh

      Please stricter gun laws sophia. That will solve all the crime. And stop acting like you too know what he went through. People are entitled for their opinion without your essay.

  • Speaks mind's wife Ann.

    Weird isn’t it. Every time the anti gun-anti freedom left needs an excuse to push their agenda, BINGO a school gets attacked. A year ago I would have said that’s absurd but then I looked up the history of socialist countries who disarmed their ( now ) subjects and the facts are frightening. Stalin disarmed Russia, 60 million “educated” or otherwise contrary to the common good either killed outright or worked to death in labor camps.
    The data is all available on line, please look it before berating me