Hastings Area Schools closed Monday due to threat

HASTINGS, Mich– The Hastings Area School System will be closed Monday, after receiving an unspecific threat on Sunday.

The district made an announcement about the closure on its Facebook page.

Superintendent Carrie Duits also sent the following statement to FOX 17:

 As we have shared in the past, safety and security are our top priorities.  We received a threat at our high school for Monday, March 5th. We have been working with multiple law enforcement agencies throughout the weekend.  The recommendation from Hastings City Police is to cancel school Monday, March 5th, District wide.  This will allow them time needed to conclude their investigation.  The school district is committed to collaborating with law enforcement on behalf of safety and security for all.  Again, all activities for Hastings Area School System are cancelled for Monday, March 5th. The facilities are closed to all. This includes the CERC and daycare. Thank you for your understanding. 

Anyone with further information on threat should call Hastings Police at 269-945-5744.

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