MSU police release arrest totals from white nationalist rally and protests

EAST LANSING, Mich. - Michigan State University Police have released the final totals of arrests from Monday's clashes between supporters of white nationalist Richard Spencer and protesters.

Police say 25 people were arrested near the MSU Pavilion where Spencer's event was being held.  13 of those taken into custody were arrested for felonies, including carrying a concealed weapon and resisting and obstructing police.  The Ingham County Prosecutor will determine official charges.

Three MSU police officers and one Michigan State Police trooper were injured during the clashes.

Law enforcement included officers from MSU, Michigan State Police, the Lansing Police Department, the East Lansing Police Department, Meridian Township Police, the Eaton County Sheriff, the Clinton County Sheriff, the Ingham County Sheriff, Ingham County 911 and the Michigan Department of Corrections.

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  • Michael

    All those law enforcement resources for people that can’t figure out how to act in a civilized society.

    Pathetic- on both sides

    • paul

      i have to agree civilization is creeping away think what yu want.. believe what yu want and live by those beliefs.. just live and let live

  • Ester

    itd always the liberals who get violent. They don’t believe in free speech. The proof is “safe spaces” on campus, So called safe spaces are not free speech zones, its a place for snowflakes to hide from free speech.

    Have you put it together yet? the libs are attacking both the first and second amendments.

  • Kevin

    Ester o so true 100%. Bob a concealed weapon is any thing hidden to defend yourself or harm others a pencil falls under those terms not just firearms.

  • P

    It appears if you can’t make it into UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, you stuck going to state. So it’s not surprising that this lower form of life would act in this manner.

    • paul

      no doubt yet just another alcohol fueled disruption in east lansing im hoping someday it will be “cool” to not act like idiots