Rockford man missing in the Bahamas

HARBOUR ISLAND, Bahamas - A Rockford, Michigan man is missing after a large wave washed over him while sightseeing in the Bahamas Monday.

Harbour Island Police tell FOX 17 that Jonathan Brussow was sightseeing near the Glass Window Bridge Monday morning at about 7:00 a.m. when a wave pushed him over a cliff and into the Atlantic Ocean.

A second man, who was with Brussow, was able to hold on and make his way back to the road, where he called police.

Police have been searching the area. The U.S. Coast Guard is also assisting in the search.

The Bahamas Government had issued public notices that residents of the North Eleuthera area were being advised to stay away from the Glass Window Bridge due to large and dangerous waves over the weekend.  The bridge which connects the northern and southern points of Eleuthera was closed over the weekend due to a sea surge of up to 40 feet.

According to a government release a nearby resident had broken his wrist attempting the cross the bridge.

We'll have more details when they become available.

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