Dentist office in Hastings closed; license suspended

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HASTINGS, Mich. - A Hastings dentist office is closed after the doctor's license was suspended by the state, but a sign on the door indicates other reasons.

The State of Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) says that the license of Christopher Tomczyk, DDS, was suspended in May of 2017. Records show that this is the third suspension of Tomczyk's license, dating back to 2010.

Sign on office of Christopher Tomczyk in Hastings 3/9/18

A handwritten sign posted on the office door says the office is closed due to a data breach and "experts" aren't finishing working on it yet.

Past license suspensions include making false reimbursement claims to Delta Dental from 2012 to 2016. In February of 2016, Tomczyk made an initial repayment to Delta Dental of just over $200,000 and owes a total of about $750,000 in restitution.  He was making payments of $12,500 per month to pay off the restitution.

Another suspension occurred in 2010 when Tomczyk was accused of inhaling nitrous oxide (laughing gas) on several occasions, including while treating a patient. He also was accused of not locking up his nitrous oxide supply when his son, who was a minor, and several of his friends who were also minors, were able to come into the office and inhale the nitrous oxide. Tomczyk was also fined and banned from having nitrous oxide in his office for five years.

We'll have more from Hastings on later editions of FOX 17 News.

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    • Shut It

      You have zero clue what you are talking about, he is actually an excellent dentist that made some bad decisions. Get over yourself…and no you are neither clever nor funny.

      • Shirley Allen

        He is my dentist,I’m so sorry to hear this news.He is an excellent dentist and cared about his patients .i really like him

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