Photos: West Michigan students participate in Walk Out

WEST MICHIGAN – Dozens of schools in West Michigan participated in Wednesday’s Walk Out against gun violence.  The events remembered the 17 people killed one month ago in a school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

You can add your photos in the gallery below.

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  • Mark Dressel

    I was not surprised at the participatory walkout by students. In my experience as a teacher it was never difficult to get students to leave the classroom. It would have been far more powerful if they had stayed after school for seventeen minutes – or God forbid – have come together on a Saturday to demonstrate solidarity.

  • On It

    Political pawns being molded with your tax dollars to do the bidding of the leftist educators.

    When you only have to sign to opt out your child, & even then subject your child to re-education counseling, it is then a system wide educational function. Since when is it the school’s job to teach your children to demonstrate!
    Stop this madness or give up control of your child to the village. Wouldn’t it be nice if they actually taught what they were paid to teach like reading, writing, & arithmatic. Michigan is NOT producing where it counts.

  • Old Bob

    These kids better get back in school and worry about catching up with the rest of the world. Our children education level is right on per with most third world countries.

        • Young Bob

          Yes, because they are choosing the curriculum? Yes, because they are teaching the classes? Yes, because they are voting for or against millages?

          The students can only learn what is being taught. Also helps to have supportive parents at home. These problems with the rest of the world surpassing us goes much deeper then a simple it’s the kids fault!

      • Old Bob

        It’s 80% their parents fault and 20% societies, no one left behind, don’t tell a child they are dumb. If you are dumb you are dumb. Maybe if someone tells them that they will try to change. Being able to play video games isn’t a marketable skill.