Students create memorial for Parkland victims

KELLOGGSVILLE, Mich. -- To honor the victims of the Parkland school shooting, high school students at Kelloggsville High School created memorial by displaying 17 desks in a hallway.

The 17 desks each is labeled with a name of a victim with information about that victim.

A student from KHS told FOX 17 "I believe it is important to have this broadcasted to the community as to show other students and teachers in the area it is possible to stand up and speak out for what you believe in, even if you may seem like such a small part."

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  • Paul Brandt

    Something should be done, let’s pick something that helps instead of a knee jerk run for gun control. Fix the actual problem not the symptoms. Liberals keep calling themselves gods, and then are surprised when children take lives. Turn back to the living God, and good things will happen. Keep calling yourselves gods and watch as our world gets much worse as direct result of human pride.

  • Unslaved

    17 kids die every day from means that don’t “necessitate” news coverage. The news media could direct your attention to every day injustices that you can actually prevent, but they don’t. They want you to feel afraid like all of this crime is happening everywhere, except your back yard. If you want your back yard to “stay safe” you better give up your rights and beg for a police state. Thanks news media!