West Michigan students ‘walkout’

WEST MICHIGAN -- A month after seventeen lives were taken during the United States' deadliest mass school shooting, schools and students across the nation walked out to promote their rights and safety in schools.

"A lot of the students here at City are very involved citizens which is a really great thing about our culture here. The student response was relatively positive in terms of wanting to participate in the walk out and make our voices heard and stand in solidarity with other students," said Gabrielle Rabon, a student at Grand Rapids City High Middle School. "I just think it is a really good opportunity to see how we can civilly protest and be involved with the political and global conversations about our nation and its culture and the state we want it to be in without coming across as childish or rash or radical or causing anyone harm."

Watch the walk outs as they happened here.

"It isn't just about the walk out or Parkland or about the march on the 24th," said Ellie Lancaster, a student at Grand Rapids City High Middle School.  "It is movement that won't stop until we have safety in schools so this isn't just going to die, this isn't just a fad."

Some of the schools participating are:

  • City High Middle School
  • Walker Park
  • Muskegon Area Career Tech Center
  • Kenowa Hills High School
  • Northview High School
  • Byron Center High School
  • East Kentwood High School
  • Godwin Heights High School
  • Grandville High School
  • Forest Hills Central High School
  • East Grand Rapids High School
  • Forest Hills Eastern High School
  • Grand Rapids Christian High School
  • WKK Prep Library
  • Kalamazoo Central High School
  • Western Michigan University
  • Mattawan High School
  • Loy Norrix High School
  • Calendonia High School
  • Portage Central Middle School
  • North Muskegon School District
  • Milwood Middle School
  • Northridge High School
  • Grandville Middle School
  • Jenison High School

"I think the most important thing to note is that this isn't a political issue, it is a matter of safety for students in schools and no one regardless of party affiliation or political beliefs whatsoever can feel safe in a school where there is the potential of gun violence especially if you are a student that feels kind of powerless in response to that," Rabon said. "I think it is really nice that students nationwide have stood up and said 'we are here for those schools who have suffered and we are fed up with it and we are not standing for this kind of treatment.'"

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  • Paul Brandt

    As a tax payer I want a refund for that day! Don’t waste my tax dollars grandstanding to take away my rights. If you’re going to march, march against abortion, murders happen daily!

    • Evy H

      Okay what??? gun control laws need to change. These are actual people losing their lives. Children, Parents, Teachers, Friends, Family, etc. What if this was your kid? What if this was your mom? What if a loved one of yours got killed, murdered, because somebody shot them willy nilly.

      • mrs person

        i do believe that gun laws need to change, but all guns should not be banned. as a person who enjoys hunting, this may seem biast. however, i must state that it would be very hard, if not impossible, to complete a shooting with a hunting rifle. ( there is at least two seconds beetween shots) while i am against banning all guns, i do believe that some should be banned. as aussult rifles are school shooters weapon of choice, i believe that assult rifles should not be avalible for purcase. I am 13 years old and in eighth grade so I understand that i am in danger. this is not coming from a careless mouth. i participated in one of these walkouts. Thank you for your time, and I hope you understand my point of view.

    • Ugh

      Exactly. They want to protest, but I bet they don’t try to become better and stop being bullies. They are putting the blame on guns, and not realizing they are the problem. Since the shooters have been school kids.

  • Michael

    The shooters have been school kids. So they are are protesting themselves? They are the bullies. They are the ones with cliques. They create these problems.

    From a safety aspect this walkout would be a shooters dream. Of course the adults get to worry about that because as adults we think of these things. Make the school less safe as you are demonstrating for school safety. Completely nonsensical.

  • Matt

    So, let’s talk about teen suicide or all the abortions last year. What’s that? You don’t want to?
    It’s not really about the kids it’s about control. It’s about people who think it’s ok to let the government tell you how to live and schools have become nothing more than political propaganda machines that push down dissent from the left and the right. To these people, you are either for the government or your not.

  • Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

    “Useful Idiots” lead by the teachers aka marxist indoctrinators. If you do not think that a majority of the teachers are marxist/progressive/liberal – go to a town hall and listen to the profane comments they call congressmen who they don’t agree with.

  • George

    Liberalism is the downfall of this country. When they get what they want, gun control, who will be the ones in charge? Communists that’s who. I’d rather be free than a slave. It’s high time to rid this country of the liberals.

  • Young Bob

    You all sound like a bunch a snowflakes. How do you know that they aren’t calling and writing their Congress people? How to you know they aren’t trying to be better human beings? My kids sure out and wanted to participate in the walkout to let the students in Parkland know they love and support them. Big deal you baby’s, get over it!

  • Matt

    We already made it illegal for guns to be in schools. Can’t make it any more illegal. maybe they should post 20 more signs in case people wishing to bring a gun to school reads them and they understand it’s illegal. This isn’t about kids it’s about control. If it was about kids then we would be marching to end abortions, obesity, Drunk driving, the illegal war on drugs, etc. These are socialist pushing for more government control that already fails us. The government can not fix your life or make your feeling’s go away. Your feelings are also not an excuse to take the rights or attack law abiding citizens. Disarming people only leads to tyranny and the left will stop at nothing to push down dissent from both sides. Shame on the teachers, Shame on the schools for pushing politics and government abuse down our children’s throats.
    If you are for this walking out propaganda you are for government control and are for bullying through the use of government force. At the end of the day, any law or policy government can only be enforced through violence something these teachers and socialist seem to be against.

  • Joe Canuski

    NOT ONE interview from a dissenting/opposing viewpoint from ANY NEWS CHANNEL including FOX!! That’s not news or free speech, that is tyranny!!! You Liberal, Ass Sucking Morons need to read the U.S. Constitution!!! If you did, read it again!!! You are using soft-skulled children to further your agenda/narrative!! Shame on you Communist Idiots!! If you want to raise the minimum age for purchasing a gun then raise the voting age accordingly. Today, your typical 18 year old has the emotional maturity of a 12 year old. Try taking away their smart phone and you will see it is true. If you really want to stop the violence, shut down SOCIAL MEDIA!!

  • pete

    These students should concentrate on what happens in class like bullying other students and teachers. seems like that’s where the problem starts not the government. Anything to get out of class for a day I guess..!!