Concrete contractor accused of leaving sloppy mess, ignoring homeowner

SPARTA, Mich. -- Andy Jensen said a lot of prep work went into getting a patio area paved.

"My son and I moved 60 yards of dirt in here. We spent nights, weekends, all our free time getting this ready for this, and we were excited to have something that would look good," Jensen explained.

But the current look of Jensen's patio area is not what he envisioned when he hired cement contractor Greg Lajoye to pour cement late last summer. He said he saw an ad for Lajoye on Craigslist.

"I googled 'cement work'. We had three or four companies come out. He was, cost-wise, right in the middle but convinced me he'd do a good job. That's why we picked him," Jensen said.

Jensen said Lajoye quoted him $3,200 total. Of that amount, he said about $2,200 was for labor.
A cash payment was made after the was poured, but Jensen said Lajoye left a shoddy, mess. Cement is chipping away, specs are splattered on the side of his home, and Jensen said he had to put in expansion joints himself.

He pointed, "Right there, he just poured and walked away. He didn't even do anything."

"It's uneven. It's not sloped correctly. So the water runs in my garage," Jensen explained.

He said he's tried reaching Lajoye but feel he's being ignored. Jensen said he's only asking for a partial refund.

"I offered to have him split it so I could take some of that money towards fixing this, and he didn't call me back, wouldn't return my text, wouldn't have nothing to do with us," Jensen said.

So he asked for help from the FOX 17 Problem Solvers, and we called Lajoye to get his side of the story.

"Greg Lajoye's voicemail box was full and no one came to the door when we knocked at his Hastings area home.

Jensen said he just wants Lajoye to do what he feels is fair and ethical.

"Do what's right and give me my money back," Jensen said.

He said he plans to take Lajoye to small claims court for the full amount. He also said it's going to cost even more to fix the problems. FOX 17 searched state records and could not find a builder's license for Gregory Lajoye.

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1 Comment

  • paul

    well, craigslist was his first mistake.. the referrals.. and veiwing other jobs is a must.. and talking with homeownwers who have hired before you