Teacher posts pay stub online to show what a teaching salary really looks like

PHOENIX, Ariz. – During the nationwide outrage and protests over teacher pay, one Phoenix-area second grade teacher decided to post her pay stub to raise the question, is it enough?

“I absolutely love seeing kids engaged and learning,” said Elisabeth Milich, who teaches second grade at Whispering Wind Academy.

While she loves teaching, Milich said she could never do it without her husband’s second income. To illustrate the point, she decided to post her annual salary to Facebook.

Milich makes about $35,490 per year. That works out to $639 bi-weekly after taxes and health care for her family is taken out.

“The reality has set in with this state that if you did not have spousal support or somebody else subsidizing your income you could not live on the salary teachers are paid in this state,” said Milich.

FYI – we realize there are questions about this. The station that posted it followed up with her about the date that is seen on the stub. “It has been brought to my attention that the issue date says 1998…this is NOT a pay stub from then… that is the date my teaching certificate was issued and I graduated from college! I assure you this is my salary for next year!!!”

That reality and a line she heard recently from Governor Doug Ducey prompted her to speak out.

“Our teacher pay last year went up 4.4 percent to an average teacher pay of $48,000. Now that’s not enough,” Gov. Ducey told KTAR radio this week.

Elisabeth’s raise for next year falls well short of that, she says.

Her pay stub projects she will make $131 more next year, and that’s only because she took 60 hours of professional development classes. Her salary after seven years of teaching in Arizona is also $13,000 below Governor Ducey’s claim for the average.

“I don’t know who they’re talking about,” said Elisabeth, referring to the state’s stats on teacher pay. “Because I know what I live. I see my printout. And I can’t tell you how many hundreds of teachers have said mine looks exactly like that.”

Governor Ducey has said the money available for teacher pay is up 9 percent since 2015.

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  • Dimitry

    Imagine going to college and paying for it to dedicate your life to teaching future generations and getting paid almost nothing. Then further imagine a bunch of toothless hillbillies from West Michigan who may or may not have a high school education calling this lady lazy and making unfounded and disparaging remarks about our nations educators, because Fox tells them what to believe. This is the reality of the world we live and why I could never be a Republican.

    • John

      36,000 for 9 months of work prorates to almost 50k a year. Plus they don’t pay into their pension and can retire at a young age and still receive a nice paycheck that they didn’t invest in. But let’s not look deeper into the facts. Let’s just have a kneejerk reaction to a surface deep piece of evidence.

    • P

      35 grand a year for indoctrinating young minds to be little liberals and ignore the 1st amendment. It only takes one America hater like you to spoil a whole classroom. Free speech means free speech for ALL. I guess you didn’t know that.

  • Matt

    This is what happens when you let the government tell us what to do. Free markets are more efficient and less costly. Get government out of education.

  • SAA

    How many PAID days off per year does this teacher also get? How many sub days ( up to 15) does she call in for per school year that are also paid? Personal days, family sick and sick days all when the school has to cover her with a sub either for a full day, half day or at any time of day she decides to get up and leave because she feels ” ill”. That also is part of her salary. Medical dental and eye care for her family is also included.