Ford Airport: no smoke found by firefighters in cockpit

CASCADE TOWNSHIP, Mich. —  Gerald R. Ford International Airport says its  fire department responded to a report of smoke in the cockpit of an airplane Saturday night, but found no smoke. The airport said in a written statement to FOX 17 the report originated from an Allegiant Airline flight:

  “After landing at GRR, Allegiant Air Flt#1728 reported smoke in the cockpit. Our fire dept responded but found no smoke, and no injuries or anything. The plane is currently at the gate at GRR.”



CASCADE TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Kent County Dispatch confirms to FOX 17 it received a call Saturday evening about smoke in the cockpit of an airplane at Gerald R. Ford International Airport.

The county-dispatch supervisor says firefighters from Cascade Township were dispatched right away, but then called back moments later when the airport called back telling them to disregard. Apparently, there were no injuries.

The plane apparently landed safely around 7:30 p.m., but precise details could not be confirmed. FOX 17 has placed calls and sent an email to Airport Communications for more information

We’ll pass that along when it becomes available.





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1 Comment

  • Jeff Blanch

    This was the plane my wife and I flew back from Ft Lauderdale on tonight. Although there was some smoke in the cockpit it looked like the smoke came from the right side of the plane. My wife was sitting right next to the window and pointed out the smoke to me. Couldn’t tell if it came from the engine or if it might have come from the brakes. The smoke showed right after we stopped and turned from the landing runway. Nothing was found and they allowed us to taxi to the gate.