Documents: ‘Producer Joe’ accused of throwing girlfriend to the ground

DUPAGE COUNTY, Ill. – Court documents give more details into domestic battery charges filed this weekend against a Grand Rapids radio personality.

Photo from the DuPage County Sheriff

Joseph Gassmann, known as “Producer Joe” on the “Free Beer and Hot Wings” radio show, was charged with two counts of misdemeanor domestic battery while in Naperville, Illinois, which is just west of Chicago. According to his online bio, Gassmann is a Chicago native.

The complaint record filed by Naperville Police alleges that Gassmann, 35, picked up his girlfriend and threw her to the ground at about 1:40 a.m. on Sunday.  The woman landed on concrete which caused marks to her shin, hand and breast area, according to the complaint.

Bail for Gassmann was set at $3,000 and he has been released.  His next court date will be April 23.

Townsquare Media released a statement Tuesday morning:

“As you may be aware, Joe Gassmann of The Free Beer and Hot Wings show was arrested after a domestic altercation this past Saturday night. Joe has been suspended and will not be appearing on the show, pending resolution of the police investigation of the matter.” 
Rick Sarata – Market President – CRO – Townsquare Media

The Free Beer & Hot Wings show originates from Grand Rapids and is heard on radio stations in 26 states, according to the information page on their website.

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  • paul

    wow Joe….where did you learn how to treat a woman… well thanks to social media.. women around the world will see this and walk away when they see you coming have a great life Joe

  • John C.

    What else is new? He’s already a serial cheater and an alcoholic. Who cares if he threw the girl who wrecked his marriage?

  • Ann

    It’s time everyone knows who Joe Gassmann REALLY IS. Has no respect for women and he is a horrible person. He has severe mental issues and thinks he is a big radio star. (NOT) HE SHOULD BE FIRED. They fired ZANE for much less. Will not listen anymore if he returns.. About time he gets what he deserves

    • Nate

      Remember, there is three sides to every story. You’re not his judge, jury and executioner. Don’t be a sheep. How about you wait for the real story before you jump to conclusions?

      • Ann

        @Nate I am not a sheep! I happen to know more about Joe Gassmann’s personal life than I’d like to. I stand by what I said in my last comment. HE ALWAYS MAKES HIMSELF THE VICTIM. He is a sex addict and only cares about himself. He has hurt a lot of women including his wife. He should be FIRED for his lack of morals. They give listeners advice!! NO THANK YOU!! His life is a mess and has no place giving others advise when he can’t even handle his own life. Time to pay the piper for your actions Joe!!

  • Tom Beltz

    Regardless of apparent guilt, His position on the show was always the most annoying, even when Zane was there, Joe was the voice of self-centered D-head. Now that his ego bubble has been popped, he may grow up to be a decent person