Trio accused of assaulting teen and posting video on Facebook

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Three teenagers are behind bars after allegedly raping another teen inside her home and posting video of the attack on Facebook.

18-year-old Antun Hester, 19-year-old Martin Milan and 19-year-old Rayford Smith were all charged with aggravated rape and especially aggravated exploitation of a minor after the 17-year-old victim reported the incident on Wednesday.

She told police she agreed for Milan to come to her house to have sex, but told him no when he asked if he could bring his "brother." When he arrived later that day with Smith and Hester in tow, she let them inside the home, but once again made it clear she was only interested in Milan. The others were told to wait in another room.

Several minutes later, Smith and Hester entered the teen's room and raped her, police said. To make matters worse, Smith allegedly recorded the attack on his cellphone and posted it on Facebook.

After the incident, the victim said she hid in her grandmother's bedroom.

At first, Smith told police he did not have sex with the teen but confirmed he was the one who recorded the video. He later reportedly changed his story but stated Hester was the one who walked into the room first and raped the woman.

Milan reportedly confirmed that account of events. Hester elected to invoke his Miranda Rights.

Officers confirmed in the police report they recovered text messages between the teen and Milan corroborating the fact she told him no along with the recorded video on Smith's cellphone.

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  • Robert E Lee

    WOW Big surprise! young black males with tats on their necks rape someone. Surprised they did not kill her too. Maybe they were not given enough opportunities in life. Maybe the white man held them down. Maybe they have grown up poor. Maybe their are no jobs for them. Maybe they did not get enough gvmt hand outs or redistribution of wealth to not steal, rape or be criminals. Maybe schools are so underfunded in the black community (due to the white man) that these poor kids did not know any better than not to rape. And post it online!!! Fools, now they can go where they belong. Prison!! O that’s right its not their fault. Its the white man. Maybe if we gave them reparations they would have been happy productive kids. Yeah right!!!!!!!!! A thug is a thug is a thug. No amount of help can change these “people” put them down like a rabid animal.

  • paul

    They all three combined, probably wont get as much time as Larry Nassar did but this young womans rape probably wont make national media headlines.their biggest problem is more than likely , growing up without a decent male role model…or a female one for that matter