Dense Fog Advisory – Thru Saturday AM

Happy Oberon Day! Bell’s Brewery releases summer beer

KALAMAZOO, Mich. -- Many in West Michigan and across the country are familiar with the spicy hop taste and the fruity aroma in a glass or bottle of Bells Brewery's Oberon.

The release of Oberon also is a sign that summer is on its way.

The popular brew returns to the shelves and taps on Monday for Bells Brewery's annual Oberon Day.

Other West Michigan businesses are celebrating the release day too such as Sweetwater's Donut Mill and The Donut Conspiracy which both whipped up a batch of Oberon-Inspired donuts.

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  • Elaine Moore

    While watching the article about Oberon beer on TV, I was wondering why tv17 spends so much time promoting a product that is so unhealthy? If people have to take a day off work or college students are unable to study, WHY does tv17 want to spend so much time encouraging people to drink beer?
    How about more news time on healthy choices?