‘Cookie Madness’ has sweet competition

ROCKFORD, Mich. -- There's a retirement center in Rockford that's experiencing a unique competition with its residents in honor of March Madness.

It's called "Cookie Madness" and it began with 25 recipes before being dwindled down to two finalists. Each recipe hoping to win by taking a bite out of the competition.

"Oh it’s been a joy, it’s just been a hoot," said Joyce Benkert, who's competing in the contest.

It took place at StoryPoint in Rockford. 10 judges helped choose who moves on by dropping a coin in the jar of their two favorites.

“I was heavily lobbied by the white chocolate chip but I had to go with my gut and the cherry chocolate I knew right off the bat right away," says State Senator Peter Macgregor, 28th District. "I have a new team to root for and it’s team cherry chocolate moving forward."

It was a close competition, and the two recipes moving forward are ‘White Chocolate Chip’ and ‘Cherry Chocolate’.

Not every recipe could move on and that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

There are 15 StoryPoint properties across the state and Midwest. Each property has two finalists and the overall winner will be decided on April 28th in Ann Arbor.

The winner gets bragging rights and some cookie publicity. Their cookie will be featured on the StoryPoint food truck for an entire year.

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