BBB offers tips to safeguard your smartphone

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The Better Business Bureau is providing safety tips for consumers after a popular app was hacked, leaking consumers personal information.

Last week Under Armour announced the app had been hacked, exposing personal information such as credit card numbers.

To avoid being a part of incidents like this in the future the BBB advises consumers to:

  • Always password protect your smart phone and if you phone has the capabilities use a fingerprint security.
  • Invest in security software such as anti-malware and virus protection.
  • Always update your phone software to fix any bugs
  • Turn off services such as WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth unless you are using it.
  • Don’t store important information on your cell phone.
  • Don’t sync your phone to rental vehicles and if you do make sure to erase your tracks.

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