Funeral home offering cremation services for dogs killed in kennel fire

MUSKEGON COUNTY, Mich. -- An area funeral home is offering to help out local families who lost their pets during a kennel fire last week near Muskgon.

It broke out at Storm's Ahead Kennels last Friday, killing dozens of dogs.

Now, Clock Funeral Home is offering to help out the grieving families.

“Our goal is to ensure every pet parent who unfortunately suffered from this loss gets their pets remains back," said Jodi Clock with Clock Funeral Home and Clock Timeless Pets. “Whether they decide to choose to cremate those pets or choose to bury, that’s up to the pet parent, we are just here to do the recovery and quite frankly the right thing.” 

Fruitport Township public safety director Brian Michelli said the cause of the fire is still undetermined, but an estimated 30 dogs died. He said the department does know the area of where the first started.

“On the north end of the building was a small office, also a small mechanical area that housed a water heater, pellet stove, electrical systems, so we have the area origin near that end of the building," said Michelli.

Michelli said they've ruled out arson in the case. He said the department will leave it up to the kennel's insurance company to investigate further and figure out the cause of the fire.

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