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SUV pulled from Grand River after boat launch accident

ADA TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- The Kent County Sheriff's Department was out above the Grand River Monday pulling an SUV from the waters below following an accident at a nearby boat launch.

Sgt. Joel Roon with the Sheriff's Department tells FOX 17 an individual had a Cadillac Escalade at the boat launch near Shady Drive and Knapp Street Sunday night.  Apparently, the driver had gotten out of their vehicle and forgot to put in park.  The SUV ended up fully submerged in the river.

The Sheriff's Department was stationed on the Knapp Street bridge above the Grand River Monday around 12:00 p.m. attempting to fish out the vehicle.  They located the vehicle about 500 feet from the boat launch.

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    • Michael

      I’ve spent a lot of time at boat ramps launching and retrieving watercraft. While I’ve seen a lot of stupidity and an extreme lack of common sense cell phone usage isn’t common. In fact I don’t recall ever seeing someone attempting to launch a boat while on a cellphone.

      • Mac Woods

        So because you’ve never personally witnessed what I speculated, it couldn’t possibly have happened? Furthermore, no one said anything about launching a boat, just that it happened near a launch site. I mean if this guy was launching a boat, where’s the trailer? Still in the river? Possible, but unlikely, since the vehicle was located 500 feet from the launch.