Condom snorting trend takes over YouTube

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(FOX) -- Snorting crack cocaine is no longer cool. The newest fad? Condom snorting.

This is the latest “challenge” taking over on YouTube, the Huffington Post is reporting. And it involves taking a condom and snorting it up one of your nostrils and then taking it out of your mouth.

The new trend is as gross as it sounds, and it has been around since October of last year. It recently picked up a major second wind online after the video of a girl doing the condom challenge went viral.

In the video the girl is doing the snorting of the rubbery material as she is playing Taylor Swift’s song “22” really loud.

“Oh that’s weird,” the girl says in the YouTube clip, after snapping the condom out of her mouth. “It’s not as painful as I thought it would be. My throat kind of hurts now though. And my nose feels really weird,” she added.

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    • E R

      Comments on a post about kids snorting condoms into their noses only to correct the poster than cocaine is not, in-fact, snorted.

      I don’t know which is worse at this point…

      • Robert E Lee

        Whats worse is you taking the time to even comment on her correction. Got nothing better to do? You did not even get it right after criticizing her post. the lesson for the day is Cocaine is snorted, Crack cocaine is smoked. Or maybe the author of the article could do a little research before they write a “news” article, but that’s fox 17 grand rapids for ya. Never a full story and most of the reporters and contributors are inexperienced “kids” that do not know anything about life. Sometimes its like watching teen kids news.

  • the offspring

    How about we let natural selection take its course. If they are that stupid do we really want them voting and making policy for the rest of us in the future.

  • jerry

    let the hillery berrnie suports do they will slowly die off and the world will be better the drug head that lived down the street everyone holding his hand thinking they will help did him self in last week 1 less jerk we got to put up with

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