Police investigating two separate incidents in Barry County

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HASTINGS, Mich. - Michigan State Police are still investigating two separate incidents in Barry County Monday night.

Police say a trooper shot at a suspect on M-43 after the man displayed what was believed to be a pistol while trying to get away from a church parking lot.  The trooper had used his vehicle to block the 36-year-old man from driving off, but he refused.  Police also asked him to drop the weapon, which police later determined it was an air-soft pistol.

While that was going on, another driver went past a police blockade that had been set up on M-43.  A deputy pursued that driver a few miles until the driver crashed on Cloverdale Road.  The driver and the passenger both suffered non-life threatening injuries and are being treated at Borgess Hospital in Kalamazoo.

The trooper is on administrative leave following the shooting incident, which is standard operating procedure.

The suspect with the air soft pistol is being held on four outstanding felony warrants, including burglary.

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  • Mac Woods

    He was “asked”? Huh. I always thought it was a demand, especially when the officer has his own weapon in hand. What is it with Fox 17? You guys love your Pointless Distinctions, and now this. The classic understatement. Police “asked” him to drop the weapon. Oh. Is that what they did? They “asked” him? Did they use the magic word? Maybe they didn’t, and the criminal took offense at this breach of etiquette, and drove away.

    • Robert E Lee

      Thank you for saying it!!!! I have been saying that fox news GR never tells the whole story. I think they try to manipulate the way we think, by telling only what they want and leaving out details. Is it because they are all kids! you have one or 2 adults at this station. Its like watching teen kids news. I think i may have to start watching channel 8. they suck to watch to but at least you get most of the story.

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