Winter Storm Watch issued for West Michigan for Sunday

Contractor begins removing monuments from Bronson Park

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Bronson Park, 4/9/18

KALAMAZOO, Mich. – The movement of statues and monuments in Kalamazoo’s Bronson Park is underway.

The city says that work began Monday to reorganize statues and monuments in the park to get ready for the removal of the Fountain of the Pioneers, which is being removed for changes in the new Bronson Park Master Plan.  The fountain was deemed to be “unwelcoming” with its depiction of a white pioneer standing over a Native American, holding what some interpret as a weapon.

The city says a private contractor is removing and storing Kirk Newman’s sculpture, “When justice and mercy prevail, children may safely play” this week.  All the statues and pieces will be removed and stored until they can be re-placed in new locations in the park, in accordance with the master plan.  The city says next year, the sculptures will be placed where Mike, the peacock topiary, currently sits.  Mike is being moved to the southeast corner of the park near the library.

After these pieces are removed, the city will start removing the reflecting pools and replacing them with irrigation and lawn panels.  This work is expected to be finished by the end of May and won’t impact summer events in the park.

Watch some of the raw video here:

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    • Clucko

      Hey, Bob. If the government is in the business of removing anything religious from property think about this…..Martin Luther King was a Christian minister. There’s a very prominent statue of him in Washington on public property. Can you imagine the number of people that would get their shorts in a wad at the idea of removing it? I’m not condoning the idea at all, but it’s a glaring example of the double standards in our country these days. What’s fair for one isn’t necessarily fair for all.

  • Clyde Brown

    If it’s a public Park for all to enjoy, (with all comments read) move your stuff and plant grass with no sidewalks through. only around the Park. Have the signs read ” Stay off the Grass” This is an enjoyment park that you can look at and enjoy!

  • Mac Woods

    So when are they going to tear down the Methodist hospital? I mean, hell, its been there since circa 1920. That’s long enough.

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